Taking a Break From Wikipedia Curation

19 Jan

I blogged previously about curating Wikipedia chemistry pages…specifically a focus on chemical structures and the quality of systematic names, trade names, structure images and outlinks to other site. This project has moved quite well….a LOT of eyeballing into the early hours. I am taking a break to catch up with some other work for the next couple of weeks (at least). As it is I have made my first pass to the letter P (having done X,Y,Z) already. There are 1100 links left for me to review – links to pages that I need to click on, open up, see if it is a structure page and then curate and validate.

I think what’s been done to date has been of value to the WP:CHEM team and to the overall quality of what’s on there. I had questioned in my own head how important and valuable the effort was. Thanks to Walkerma who pointed out this facility today it is clear that the chemistry pages are getting a lot of visits…over a 100 per day in many cases. A report on my progress is posted online here.

t’s been a work of passion to this point. Now, the reality is it is just work. I am tired of looking at Wikipedia pages (no insult to WP but I have tired eyes). It will get finished, and I hope by the end of the month…I won’t be rushing it since it will impact the quality but I will be glad when it’s over 🙂

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