American Healthcare “Works great as long as you are not sick”

29 Jan

I stole the title for this blog post from American Citizen. Next week I will be sitting at his bedside with his wife after he goes through surgery. What he is going through is life-threatening and could disable him for life if things go awry. His experiences of what he is going through with our Health care system in America are amusing. Because of his wit, intelligence and work experience in the health care industry, his story from this point, through surgery and to recovery will be a fun and enlightening read. In his own words…

“This year, I find myself disabled with degenerative spinal disease and am awaiting surgery on Tuesday February 3rd. Since I have little else to do, I thought I would archive my experiences on this blog and also post some videos of the adventure.

As I write this stuff, keep in mind that I have spent numerous years working for my cause: universal coverage for all Americans and the deployment of a universal personal health record to prevent errors in clinical judgment and facilitate a smooth transition for all patients between systems of care.” read the rest of the blog post here…

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