A Nice Review of Our Recent Book Chapter on Nomenclature

05 Jul

Last year I co-authored a book chapter in a book regarding Chemical Information Mining. A recent review for the book was recently written by Peter Willett and it was nice to get a good mention for our section:
“This book discusses the use of text-mining techniques that would enable such operations to be carried out by purely computational means. The techniques are clearly attractive in terms of cost-effectiveness but would appear, from this volume, to require considerably more research before they can provide a realistic alternative to human processing. Two chapters – Automated identification and conversion of chemical names to structure-searchable information  and Identification of chemical images and conversion to structure-searchable information  – stand out, providing critical, wide-ranging reviews of their respective topics that I am sure that I shall return to in the future. ”

It’s nice to be appreciated for “after-hours” work.

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