How long does it take to update WordPress?

04 Aug

It can take a long time to update software. Especially when there are processes, procedures and testing involved. I know…I was involved with ACD/Labs when they rolled out their Updater allowing people to update their ACD/Labs software…it’s great for individuals but corporations would find it dangerous. WordPress is the blogging platform for this blog and updating it takes time…how much time? Well, about a few seconds to logon, click on “WordPress 3.0.1 Update Now” and let it happen. The results were seamless, the blog didn’t break, I didn’t lose anything and was back in production after I walked to the kitchen, grabbed a coffee and walked back. I also write on Blogger some cathartic poetry (FourQuadrantsPoetry) and adventures of an aging sportsman ( They simply update in the background and I don’t even know about it. I install windows updates all the time and over the past few years, though it hasn’t been t0tally painless, today it is mostly seamless. I must say though that the latest iPhone OS upgrade sucked and my phone has become slow as a dog to move between apps. Just horrible. But my congrats to WordPress for an update well done….seamless and fast.

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