The Day I Noticed that CAS SciFinder Now Supports #InChI

08 Feb

Today. Today is the day I noticed that CAS Scifinder now supports InChI! Wow. Now, that may not be big news for many of you but for those of us who have supported InChI, both vocally AND in action around it, this is big news. InChI is not perfect and has areas to develop in (some later posts will cover this) but it is ALREADY extremely enabling. (For an example about InChI issues…but focused primarily on how people DRAW structures that they feed to InChI algorithms see slides 75-84 on this presentation

It is helping to link databases, enable web searching and improve communication between cheminformatics applications. ACS and CAS have been quite late in providing support for InChI and today I noticed it has arrived. This is great news for InChI and very much a blessing for InChI as a standard for interchange. Now, if we can get StdInChIKeys layered onto all ACS publications then the need for an InChI Resolver will be increased….

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Posted by on February 8, 2011 in Community Building, Data Quality, InChI


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