#23andme, my genetics, my prostate and my future thanks to the #iPhone

11 Feb

Recently I spat in a tube and sent it off to 23andme for my genetic testing. I am still digesting the results…no pun intended since it does suggest that genetically I have a higher probability than normal for ulcerative colitis! I LOVE the report I got from 23andme but I am reading it through slowly and educating myself. I now know my “paternal haplogroup” and I swear, I did NOT know before.

I am happy to see the decreased risk for prostate cancer of 2X. It doesn’t make the annual “What doctor, no flowers?” wince any less painful however. But it is possible that I will gain weight, lose my hair and gain some liver spots….all of which I have happily emulated with the iPhone apps known as FatBooth, BaldBooth and OldBooth. I’d divorce me now…I am not going to age well…and please, for my friends…don’t say that I don’t look any different!

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