How Fast is #Google Indexing. AMAZINGLY fast.

17 Feb

Tonight I was amazed for the first time in a long time. What amazed me was how fast that the post I made to Twitter got indexed. I said:

What I meant is that the structure image on Wikipedia has no stereochemistry. See here.

About 2 minutes later I did a search on Google to see whether I could find Goserelin and compare the stereochemistry for what I believe is the structure (from ChemSpider here). What I found was a short list of hits but also this:

This was literally within a couple of minutes of me posting the Tweet.

Ok..we live in an amazing world. Our networks are so-interlinked at this point that the scope of what we are achieving, and will achieve as the semantic web comes to life is, simply put, amazing. This observation impressed me. Maybe it shouldn’t but it did….is there something obvious that is going on here that I am missing? Should I not be so impressed?


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