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Last week I visited Boston for a day to attend the ORCID meeting. ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. I can honestly say it was the worst trip of the year to date…and I travel a LOT! It’s nothing to do with the meeting…that was super…it was the travel. I was supposed to fly DIRECT to Boston at lunchtime on Tuesday and arrived at the airport at 10:30am only to get an alert on my phone that the flight was delayed until 2:30pm. So I left to find a Starbucks to enjoy my coffee and wifi and returned at 1:30pm. The flight was delayed and delayed then cancelled due to mechanical failure. Then all Boston flights were booked and I was routed through Columbus Ohio. That flight was delayed from 5:50pm to 6:25pm then eventually took off at 7:30pm. We arrived in Columbus for a 25 minute layover that was extended to 1.5 hours. We landed in Boston at **:00pm, followed by an “exciting” taxi ride to the hotel. Oh joy…14 hours of traveling…that’s twice what it takes to fly to the UK for me! Such is life on the road…often.
Anyhow, I attended the ORCID meeting to discuss how we would be interested in using a unique ResearcherID on ChemSpider. How could it be of value to our system? We have of course been allowing people to deposit, annotate and curate data on ChemSpider since just after inception. Where would we want to use ORCID identifiers? Some obvious ideas are as follows when the ORCID identifier is available:
1) When someone registers on the site then we can ask them to provide their ORCID
2) When someone curates data or when they deposit structures, spectra, DOIS, images etc. then track their activities and associate it with their ORCID
3) On their profile page aggregate stats regarding their activities on ChemSpider, their publications, their SLideshare presentations (that should have ORCIDs for scientists!), and their “AltMetrics
4) Aggregating all RSC articles, new and old (with some work on the archive!) under the authors ORCID.
We look forward to seeing ORCID come online.
I did receive this email from SlideShare telling me that the talk was “active” on SlideShare:
“The value of researcher identifiers to ChemSpider” is being talked about on LinkedIn more than anything else on SlideShare right now. So we’ve put it on the homepage of (in the “Hot on LinkedIn” section).
Well done!
– SlideShare Team
It’s inserted below….

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