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I am sure that most of you are already smartphone or tablet users as many people visiting this blog are, like me, interested in the latest technologies. I’ve been a smartphone user for a number of years and certainly did get caught up in the iPhone and iPod wave using both mobile technologies. Now with the Android OS abounding on both phone and tablet it will be interesting to see how the next few years play out for me in terms of dedication to Apple technologies.

With the “world of Apps” came a lot of interest in how science would make use of this new technology platform. I have given presentations on “Mobilizing Chemistry” and it has had over 3000 views.  I’ve written an article with Harry Pence regarding SmartPhones in the classroom and have been very passionate about making sure that ChemSpider is supported on mobile platforms with ChemMobi [Working with James Jack 1,2] as well as the Mobile Browser support work done by Sergey Shevelev in our team [3,4]. While my personal bias is chemistry clearly apps cover all of science….and these scienceapps are growing in number.

I am fortunate to have worked with a terrific group of co-authors to pen an article regarding “Mobilizing Chemistry in the World of Drug Discovery”. This article, written by Sean Ekins, Alex Clark, Rich Apodaca, James Jack and myself  was submitted today. In parallel Sean and I decided that since we had done the work to assemble a collection of apps for the article it made total sense to keep track of this on an ongoing basis so we’ve set up a wiki so that the community can help us track what is available. This wiki is at and offers you the opportunity to update the wiki with an overview of a scientific app or your review of an app that might already be there. Wikipedia is very cautious about having articles posted on apps as they see them primarily as advertising. We are of the opinion that this site can serve the ability of advertising your apps if you are willing to put in the work to list it. As long as you do this in an appropriate manner, much as emulated by Alex Clark with his MMDS, MolPrime, Yield101 and Reaction101 apps, there is no problem.

It is assumed that most of you will know how to edit in the world of MediaWiki. If not I suggest looking for basic MediaWiki instructions online (it’s the same platform as used for Wikipedia!). As you will see the SciMobileApps is NOT just for chemistry but for all forms of science as listed on the Main Page and can even be extended as the community sees fit. As time allows we’ll put together a page of help tips for you to follow and maybe a short movie. This is an after-hours project only and is aligned with the publication we have submitted for publication. This is simply a community resource for scientists. Enjoy. We welcome your feedback.


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  1. Antony, this is a very nice resource. Thank you!

  2. Kevin…glad you like it. Since it is Wiki-based we hope that you will take advantage of the platform to expose the ChemDoodle components to the community. They are EXCELLENT tools!

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