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My colleague David Sharpe pointed me to an interesting blog today concerning Google Scholar Citations. I’d always imagined it would come but didn’t know when. So what a happy lunchtime it was when I sat down to read the blog and register for a citations account here. When I registered on Microsoft Academic Search I was initially impressed.

ONE of my personas on Microsoft Academic Search

Since then I have been collapsing a number of different “authors called Antony Williams”. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and despite numerous attempts to collapse them, including email requests…I still exist as

If anyone from Microsoft can possibly help me get these collapsed I’d appreciate it! I’ve tried using the approach below and failed.


It’s a shame…I really want to take advantage of a lot of the wonderful tools that Microsoft Academic Search offers. An example is below.

Again…if anyone can help me collapse the various forms of me I’d appreciate it!
Now to  Google Scholar Citations. I registered, I searched on my name and accepted it. Done. The result was, as far as I can tell, a complete capture of my papers. Caveat..I have NOT yet sat and compared with my CV . What impressed me is that I am one person under Google Scholar Citations…no complex “collapsing process”. It also took me 10 mins….it was done with a few button clicks and it looks like this.
Google…impressed again. NICELY DONE!





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  1. Yeah, almost the exact same experience for me, for both services, with the extra downside of MS that it covers too few journals in my field:

  2. An update that I have heard from Microsoft Academic Search via Twitter and they are working on things. I am assuming that my various personnae will collapse shortly into one person. That will be great. I’d like to do a full review of the service once I can navigate just one version of me.

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  6. I’ve found the Google service to be better than that from Microsoft, with a greater proportion of my articles identified and more complete citation counts.

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