Ongoing Comparisons between Microsoft Academic Search and Google Scholar Citations

I have been blogging on Google Scholar Citations in recent days and noticing some interesting details (1,2,3). I have been in exchanges with the Microsoft Academic Search support team on Twitter trying to collapse multiple accounts. They are helping.

I have since continued my comparison to look for differences in the two platforms. There are some very obvious differences. One GLARING example…on Google Scholar my top cited paper has 50 citations.  On Microsoft Academic Search it has 3. BIG difference!

Citations on Google Scholar


Citations on Microsoft Academic Search

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  1. #1 by will on August 8, 2011 - 7:56 am

    Think GS pulls in literature from any web source, such as those scattered around on research group websites and so on. This likely gives it a broader index than MSA, but a downside is that it has to figure out the metadata itself – quite hard if only have a PDF (though I don’t see any errors in GS for your list).

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