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I gave a presentation at the ACS Meeting in Denver today regarding “how I got here”. The title and abstract is below:

“Aligning scientific expertise and passion through a career path in the chemical sciences

Antony Williams is the Vice President of Strategic Development for ChemSpider at the Royal Society of Chemistry. ChemSpider is one of the world’s primary online resources serving the chemistry community. Antony has a PhD in Chemistry specializing in NMR spectroscopy and has worked in a government laboratory, in academia, for a Fortune 500 company (Eastman Kodak), for a small start-up organization and has started two of his own companies prior to joining the Royal Society of Chemistry. During his career path he has experienced multiple work cultures. Antony will provide a short overview of his career path and discuss the various decisions that helped motivate his change in career from professional spectroscopist to website host and innovator to working for one of the world’s foremost scientific societies. ”

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