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I have received formal acceptances for five presentations at the ACS Meeting in Sam Diego in Spring 2012

PAPER ID: 15442 PAPER TITLE: “ChemSpider as a chemical term resolver”

PAPER ID: 10915 PAPER TITLE: “Great promise of navigating the internet using InChIs”

PAPER ID: 10902 PAPER TITLE: “Chemistry made mobile – the expanding world of chemistry in the hand”

PAPER ID: 11299 PAPER TITLE: “Social networking tools as public representations of a scientist”

PAPER ID: 10893 PAPER TITLE: “Teaching NMR spectroscopy using online resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry”

I’m also listed as a co-author on a number of other presentations and a poster. I’m glad the vacation is over. Time to get back to work, focus the mind and start being productive again! I love the holidays…it’s really a great time to connect with family but just like cardiovascular exercise I lose the ability to think clearly and multitask very quickly. I formally start back to work tomorrow and am already getting the gears rolling again to get myself back up to speed. we come.

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