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This coming week I will be ScienceOnline 2012 representing my employer the Royal Society of Chemistry and our ChemSpider database. I will also have a book at the book table about Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation , not exactly mainstream science but still something I am very proud of. I will be co-hosting two sessions…one on the semantic web with Kristi Holmes and one called Dealing with Data with Kaitlin Thaney. Both of these topics are part of my everyday role in my job, or part of personal projects I am involved with.

If any of you are attending ScienceOnline2012 or watching it via Twitter (for example), then you will likely see popping up as @ChemConnector.

If you want to know more about me I am on many of the Social Networks as listed below and actually am very passionate about teaching people about how to get into the Social Network as a scientist. My recent presentation on this is on Slideshare here.

If you are interested in hearing more about the ChemSpider database, a database of >26 million unique chemicals, sourced from over 400 data sources and linking many of these together on the web, then please comment on this post or email me directly at tony27587ATgmailDOTcom and if there is enough interest I will set aside some time to give a couple of demos in one of the rooms at the conference.

This weekend I have spent sometime helping to get some of the ScienceOnline attendees onto the ScientistsDB and they are presently adding/finishing their ScientistsDB pages:

Walter Jessen

Kristi Holmes

Bora Zivkovic

Sarah Chow

Sean Ekins


If you would like a page on ScientistsDB simply register here and then use this page to learn how to create an article. Ask me for help if you need it.

See you at ScienceOnline2012

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