Teaching NMR Spectroscopy Using Online Resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry

This presentation was just given at the ACS meeting in San Diego…

The Royal Society of Chemistry hosts an online resource, ChemSpider, as a structure centric database for chemists linking over 25 million chemicals to 400 internet sites. As a crowdsourced environment members of the chemistry community can deposit spectral data to the database. Almost 2000 NMR spectra have been submitted to the database and these are the basis of both a gaming environment for learning NMR spectroscopy, the SpectralGame, as well as a new teaching environment known as SpectraSchool. This presentation will provide an overview of these two online resources and how they may be utilized for the purpose of teaching NMR spectroscopy in an Undergraduate Curriculum.

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    Great presentation Antony, are you sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and especially MyRSC ?

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