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Today I was hosted by Prof David Snyder at William Paterson University in New Jersey where I gave a presentation with the title and abstract below. I had a wonderful day meeting with various members of the faculty and discussing the opportunities for AltMetrics and the need for young scientists to consider their public profile EARLY in their career and how to expose themselves on the Social Network (old presentation here). The Slideshare presentation for today is loaded on SlideShare here.

RSC|ChemSpider – The Online Chemistry Database Where Community Contributions Count

The ChemSpider database is a resource hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry. With over 28 million unique chemicals on the database linked out to over 400 data sources the platform provides access to experimental and predicted data (properties, spectra etc.), links to publications, patents and a myriad of other resources. The ChemSpider database has been used as the foundation of a number of other resources for chemists including ChemSpider SyntheticPages, the Learn Chemistry Wiki and the Spectral Game. This presentation will provide an overview of ChemSpider and discuss how chemists can both derive value from and contribute to the content available from the database and its related resources. We will also discuss our view of future platform for managing personal, institutional and public chemistry in a shared environment.

RSC ChemSpider is the online chemistry database where community contributions coun from Antony Williams, ChemConnector


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  1. I attended the ChemSpider presentation yesterday and was truly exhilarated by the capabilities of ChemSpider and what it will allow someone as “seasoned” as I, (“old chemists never die, they just reach equilibrium”) to re-engage with the chemical community. I am eager and ready to be re-engaged. Thanks for an enlivened presentation.

    Jean Fuller-Stanley

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