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The Spring ACS Meeting is coming, and it’s coming quickly. Every time the New Year starts I think I have a long time before I have to assemble posters and write talks for the ACS Meeting. When I worked at the RSC it was easier in some ways as NO ONE reviewed them, no one gave comments on them and there was no clearance process involved. Mostly I was writing the talks on the flight out to the ACS or, more commonly, was writing them the evening before or morning of the presentations. There have been days when I got up in the morning at 4am to write two talks on the day I presented. Quite exhausting but at least I got to show the latest and greatest capabilities.

As an employee at the EPA there are different expectations especially in regards to the clearance process where the presentations are reviewed and signed off, pushed through our internal repository and, post-presentation, released to the community via Science Inventory. Some, not all, of the presentations and papers I have been involved with since joining EPA, are here.

I will be going to the ACS meeting with a number of colleagues and chairing a session on Thursday, all day, with Chris Grulke for the Division of Environmental Chemistry. I will be presenting a number of posters and presentations as listed below. A number of my colleagues will also be presenting. Andrew McEachran, a recent postdoc with the center will be presenting on a lot of the work that has been done in terms of the use of the Chemistry Dashboard to facilitate structure identification. The recent publication “Identifying known unknowns using the US EPA’s CompTox Chemistry Dashboard” (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00216-016-0139-z) reported on a comparison of the dashboard versus ChemSpider. Since then we have rolled out a lot of new functionality to support structure identification and Andrew will report on that.

PAPER ID: 2624963
PAPER TITLE: Twenty five years in cheminformatics: A career path through a diverse series of roles and responsibilities

DIVISION: Division of Chemical Information
SESSION: Careers in Chemical Information
DAY & HALF DAY OF PRESENTATION: Sunday, April, 02, 2017 – AM

PAPER ID: 2616719
PAPER TITLE: Evaluating suspect screening and non-targeted analysis approaches using a collaborative research trial at the US EPA

DIVISION: Division of Analytical Chemistry
SESSION: Analytical Division Poster Session
DAY & HALF DAY OF PRESENTATION: Sunday, April, 02, 2017 – EVE

PAPER ID: 2624980
PAPER TITLE: EPA CompTox chemistry dashboard: An online resource for environmental chemists

DIVISION: Division of Chemical Health and Safety
SESSION: Information Flow in Environmental Health & Safety
DAY & HALF DAY OF PRESENTATION: Tuesday, April, 04, 2017 – PM
PAPER ID: 2624984
PAPER TITLE: Delivering an informational hub for data at the National Center for Computational Toxicology

DIVISION: Division of Environmental Chemistry
SESSION: Applications of Cheminformatics & Computational Chemistry in Environmental Health
DAY & HALF DAY OF PRESENTATION: Wednesday, April, 05, 2017 – EVE

Looking forward to seeing you at ACS!


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