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Over the weekend I spent a little time working to integrate Altmetric and PlumX scores to my online CV here on my blog. I also integrated my Kudos resources associated with an article directly into the’s a breeze and requires only that you have DOIs for your article. See below for how ONE article in my CV is represented.

154. Programmatic Conversion of Crystal Structures into 3D Printable Files, V.F. Scalfani, <strong>A.J. Williams</strong>, V. Tkachenko, K. Karapetyan, A. Pshenichnov, R.M. Hanson, J.M. Liddie and J.E. Bara, Journal of Cheminformatics, 2016, 8:66 Article Type: Methodology <a href=””><strong>Link</strong> </a>
<strong>AltMetrics Analytics</strong>
<div class=”altmetric-embed” data-badge-type=”medium-donut” data-badge-details=”right” data-doi=”10.1186/s13321-016-0181-z“></div>
<strong>PLUMX Analytics</strong>
<a href=’‘ class=’plumx-plum-print-popup’></a>
<strong>Kudos Resources</strong>
<script src=”//“></script>

Literally all you have to do is copy these few lines and swap out the DOI and the scores and Kudos resources will show up in your CV. Simple.

Altmetric, PlumX and Kudos Embedded widgets

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