PRESENTATION ACS SPRING 2018: Development of a Tool for Systematic Integration of Traditional and New Approach Methods for Prioritizing Chemical Lists

26 Mar

Development of a Tool for Systematic Integration of Traditional and New Approach Methods for Prioritizing Chemical Lists

Multiple regulatory bodies (EPA, ECHA, Health Canada) are currently tasked with prioritizing chemicals for data collection and risk assessments. These prioritization efforts are in response to regulatory mandates to identify chemicals for further assessment. We have developed a web-based application that enables a rapid, flexible and transparent prioritization process. The tool includes multiple data streams related to human and ecological hazard, exposure, and physicochemical properties (persistence and bioaccumulation). For human hazard, the data streams include quantitative points of departure (PODs) that are compiled from multiple sources such as EPA ToxRefDB, ECHA, COSMOS; estimated PODs from high-throughput in vitro screening assays and computational models; and qualitative measurements and predictions of specific endpoints (e.g., genotoxicity, endocrine activity). For ecological hazard, quantitative PODs are taken from the EPA ECOTOX database. Exposure information includes production volume, quantitative predictions using the EPA ExpoCast and SHEDS models, biomonitoring data, and qualitative information such as media occurrence, use profiles and likelihood of consumer and childhood exposures. The use of the tool is illustrated by prioritizing chemicals related to TSCA and the Safer Choice Ingredient List. The underpinning data streams for this application are already available in the EPA CompTox Chemistry Dashboard and have been repurposed to deliver this application. This is in keeping with our overarching software development methodology of providing multiple “building blocks” in the form of databases, web services and visualization components to deliver fit-for purpose applications to the relevant audiences. This abstract does not necessarily represent U.S. EPA policy.


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