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Using the ImpactStory API to Integrate Impact Buttons to my CV Display

When I remember, and have a spare moment, I try to keep my publications and presentations list updated on my CV blog page. When the new ImpactStory API was announced I looked at integrating it into the page to display the ImpactStory buttons. It was simple to integrate and I have started working backwards from 2012 pasting in each API call. It allows for calls against PMID, DOIs, GITHUB and URLs. The details are here.

This is what part of the page looks like.

An example of the API call required to display the buttons is below

<div data-api-key=”WILLIAMSfed86832″ data-id-type=”pmid” data-id=”23159359″ data-show-logo=”false” data-badge-size=”small”></div>

Hovering over the buttons pulls up the stats….


My actual ImpactStory collection is here and provides access to the detailed reports also.