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Reviewing Galley Proofs for a Book on Chemical Information Mining

I’ve reviewed the galley proofs for our book chapter in a future book. The chapter is entitled “Automated Identification and Conversion of Chemical Names to Structure Searchable Information” and was co-authored with my friend Andrey Yerin, the project manager for nomenclature products at ACD/Labs. The book is going to be an excellent contribution to this domain and the list of contributing authors includes some of the leaders in this area. I’ll continue to post informationas the book gets close to press. It is going to be a highly recommended volume in my opinion.

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Books I am reading – The Autoimmune Epidemic

I seem to be surrounded by people who have developed “autoimmune diseases” (ID) over the past few years. These are commonly people around the age of 40 and are therefore my peer group. It is hard to watch my friends. and over the past few years, members of my immediate family, be severely debilitated by some form of ID whether it’s gastrointestinal in nature, thyroid function or some form of multiple chemical sensitivity.

A close personal friend of mine recently gifted me with a copy of a book called “The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance–and the Cutting-Edge Science that Promises Hope” and I am close to finishing it. I think the title speaks for itself. With an increasing number of “westerners” being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, and numbers far exceeding thos with cancer, the book makes for interesting, and I would say for me personally, quite shocking reading. As a father of young children I am concerned now for what they will encounter as challenges to their bodies moving forward. A recommended read for everyone…not just scientists.


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