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Do we place too much trust in experts?   Leave a comment

Over the weekend I spent about 4 hours making some videos, writing some short Powerpoints with some images from online sources and assembling some rather random terms and making up “Shtuff” for April 1st. The result was the video shown below…and if you want to get the full story watch it end to end. See […]

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Investigative Journalism Video into the International Star Registry   Leave a comment

Following on from some of the recent reviews of my experiences with the International Star Registry here and here. Since then I have found that even Wikipedia lists the ISR as having been called on their charlatanry. Wikipedia even comments “The ISR threatened Perkins Observatory at Ohio Wesleyan University with legal action when assistant director […]

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Why are pornstars more notable than scientists on Wikipedia?   57 comments

I’m a BIG Wikipedia fan. It is one of my favorite sites, our 9 year old twins have spent many hours on the site with me, and¬†I have personally spent a lot of time, including Christmas, curating chemistry on Wikipedia. I like what Wikipedia has achieved, have willingly contributed articles, but also enjoy a good […]

Terminal Dimethyl means Death by Methane twice   1 comment

When writing talks I try to find interesting (and where possible fun) examples of how challenging the world of managing chemistry data is for all of us that work in the world of managing 10s of thousands, or in our cases millions of compound pages for the community to use. I have told many stories […]

The Preferred Spelling of Cheminformatics   Leave a comment

The spelling of cheminformatics or chemoinformatics has been a topic of discussions in a number of venues….most of the ones I have been involved with have been around “brewed liquids” with lots of joviality. Some objective data have been provided and comments made. QSAR World even pitched in. As of my talk at Bio-IT World […]

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A Fun Observation Searching for a Chemistry Paper on Google   Leave a comment

I’ve recently moved the ChemConnector blog from home-based servers to be hosted by WordPress. There have been some issues with doing so and there is still work to do in mapping over all old images into the new theme. Not as easy as hoped. It’ll get fixed. In parallel I’ve decided to finally put my […]

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#23andme, my genetics, my prostate and my future thanks to the #iPhone   1 comment

Recently I spat in a tube and sent it off to 23andme for my genetic testing. I am still digesting the results…no pun intended since it does suggest that genetically I have a higher probability than normal for ulcerative colitis! I LOVE the report I got from 23andme but I am reading it through slowly […]

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Harry Potter Sings the Elements   Leave a comment

Tom Lehrer‘s song “The Elements” is a favorite for chemists. It’s clever, entertaining and, well, purely chemical. The song has been used on Theo Gray’s iPad version of his book The Elements as shown below but the iPad version is way more than just the song and if you have an iPad and don’t have […]

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Elf Yourself in 2010   Leave a comment

Elf Yourself has been around for a few years and every year it gets more complete. It’s already available for this year and, as always, lots of fun to play with. Our family tradition gets extended one more year …

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Guard the Prince and No One Leave the Room   Leave a comment

Over the years I have been involved with various leadership courses participating as both a student and as a leader. I’ve helped lead courses for personal growth around the country (USA) as part of the Mankind Project as well as part of the Leadership Challenge when working in corporate America. I’m involved in a number […]

Posted November 3, 2010 by admin in Humor

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