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The Growing Impact of Openness in Chemistry: A Symposium in Honor of JC Bradley-Call for Abstracts

The submission of abstracts for the American Chemical Society meeting in Boston in Fall 2014 is now open and Andrew Lang and I will be hosting a memorial symposium for Jean-Claude Bradley with a focus on the Growing Impact of Openness in Chemistry. While we had a UK-based memorial symposium for JC last year we never managed to have an appropriate scientific gathering to celebrate his work here in the US. We are taking advantage of the presence of the ACS Fall Symposium on the East Coast to hold the symposium this year.

If you are a proponent of openness in chemistry we welcome you to submit an abstract to the symposium. If the meshing and integration of open source cheminformatics tools to provide open platforms to the community is something you work on,  if the delivery of open chemistry data is one of your areas of research or you participate in Open Notebook Science we welcome your abstract submission. With a focus on the growing impact of openness in chemistry from OA publishing, to open data, to open standards, we hope that you will come together with us in Boston for this symposium.

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My Short Slide Deck for JC Bradley’s Memorial Gathering at Drexel University

On September 8th 2014 a memorial gathering was held at Drexel University to honor the work and life of Jean-Claude Bradley. I could not attend in person but put together a short presentation and video to be played at the gathering. The slides are on SlideShare here and the movie on YouTube here


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Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Issue in the Journal of Cheminformatics and Chemistry Central

An invitation to contribute a paper

Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Issue

Guest Editors

Antony J. Williams, Cheminformatics, Royal Society of Chemistry

Andrew Lang, Oral Roberts University


In May of 2014 we lost one of our colleagues, Jean-Claude Bradley (JC), way too soon.

JC was, in many ways, a man ahead of his time. He foresaw the future of science likely a decade ahead of the new shift that is occurring in academia, that of Open Notebook Science. The last decade has seen a dramatic shift toward openness in science that has encompassed Open Access Publishing, Open Source in software development, Open Data in the majority of branches of science and Open Standards primarily as a result of people like JC. As a result of these shifts the amount of data now available online for scientists to consume and interrogate is enormous and grows daily. Much of this data is however already “aged” having been extracted from published articles or assembled into databases from historical data that often lacks provenance.

Jean-Claude Bradley’s drive was towards something more immediate with his concept of Open Notebook Science, the practice of making the entire primary record of research activities publicly available online as it is recorded ( Through his leadership in this area he motivated, cajoled and guided a number of scientists who operated in a more generally closed manner of science into the domain of Open Science. He mentored young students into the new world and encouraged us all to consider the benefits that could result in being more open.

Jean-Claude was also a master collaborator and networker bringing together scientists from various domains to work together. But in his own work he also stimulated participation and contributions from instrument manufacturers, chemical vendors, journal publishers and software developers. Most of you reading this will have almost certainly have heard of, worked with or benefited from some of his activities.

We, Andrew Lang and Antony Williams, intend to celebrate the work and vision of JC and are presently editing a memorial issue that crosses both the domains of chemistry and cheminformatics that he operated in. Since he was a member of the editorial advisory board for Journal of Cheminformatics and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Chemistry Central Journal our intention is to encourage participation and submission of papers from areas of chemistry and cheminformatics that will be assembled into a single memorial issue. If you are receiving this communication then please accept it as an invitation to submit an article to the most appropriate of the two journals that you choose.

Timelines and how to submit your paper

In recognition of the contributions that Jean-Claude Bradley has made to science and Open Science in particular, we hope that you will consider our invitation and contribute a paper to help us in celebrating and evangelizing his work. Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with questions, to confirm participation and for instructions on how to submit your paper at Andrew Lang ( or Antony Williams (

If you wish contribute to this thematic issue please use the online submission system for the appropriate journal, found here:

Chemistry Central Journal:

Journal of Cheminformatics:

Please ensure that you state in your cover letter that your paper is an invited paper for ‘Insert relevant Journal name’ as part of the cross journal thematic issue entitled ‘Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Issue’. The deadline for submitting your paper is 1 December 2014, to publish the thematic issue in early 2015.

About Chemistry Central

Chemistry Central Journal and Journal of Cheminformatics are open access journals published by Chemistry Central. The benefits of open access are particularly attractive in these fields, ensuring that scientists working throughout the community on different aspects all have shared access to the latest research.

Chemistry Central ( is part of the Springer chemistry publishing unit, having been set up in 2006 as a service dedicated to the open access publishing of chemistry research.

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Providing support for JC Bradleys vision of open science using RSC cheminformatics platforms

This presentation was given at the JC Bradley Memorial Symposium on 14th July 2014

Jean-Claude Bradley had an incredible passion for providing open science tools and data to the community. He had boundless energy, no shortage of ideas and ran so many projects in parallel that it was often difficult to keep up. But at RSC we tried. We provided access to our data, our application programming interfaces and lots of our out-of-hours time to help turn his vision into reality. As a result we helped in the delivery of the SpectralGame to help people learn about NMR and we supported the integration of our services into GoogleDocs underpinning the management and curation of physicochemical property data. We tweaked a number of our services based on JC’s input and as a result we have ended up with a suite of capabilities that serve many of our existing efforts to integrate to electronic lab notebooks and support the ongoing shift towards Open Chemistry. JC was very much ahead of his time….and we were glad to have supported his work. This presentation will give a snapshot of some of the work we did to support his vision.


Dedications to the Legacy of Jean-Claude Bradley

On July 14th 2014 the Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Symposium was held to celebrate the life and work of Professor Jean-Claude Bradley of Drexel University. This slide deck highlighting dedications made to JC on various blogs and the memorial symposium wiki helps to capture JC’s contributions to science and how we felt about him.


A Photo Loop of Jean-Claude Bradley for the Bradley Symposium

On 14th July 2014 a memorial symposium to celebrate the life and work of Professor Jean-Claude Bradley, the father of Open Notebook Science, used this photo loop to connect us to some of his activities and give us a glimpse into his personal life.




Intention, collaboration, trust and willingness builds the JC Bradley Memorial Symposium

Next week I am looking forward to co-hosting the JC Bradley Memorial Symposium. How did this come about? The symposium is of course catalyzed by the tragic loss of our friend and colleague Jean-Claude. This hit Andy Lang and myself very hard (and of course many others) because for a number of years we had been collaborating together on a number of projects regarding Open Science, many of these to be discussed in some detail next week at the symposium. When we talked and discussed about ways to memorialize JC we happened upon an instance where we would both be in the UK at the same time and, since JC had so many interactions in place with European scientists and advocates for Open Science, we decided to try and make a go of a symposium to celebrate his work.

We received general support for a gathering and went seeking a venue that would be kind enough to host us. Thank you so much to Christoph Steinbeck for trying to make this work at EBI but because of the popularity of the venue no rooms were available. We extended our hand to Bobby Glen at the University of Cambridge and, gentleman that he is (!), he immediately gave us a home for the gathering. Bobby is Director of the Unilever center of molecular science informatics at the university and may well known scientists and open science evangelists work there, one of these of course being Peter Murray-Rust. Peter threw his support behind the symposium 100% and, together with Susan Begg, has taken all responsibility for local coordination. Despite Peter’s demanding travel schedule we have been able to coordinate the event and we owe a debt of gratitude to Susan for all the work she has done in the background to bring this together in such a short time. Literally, this event will come together as a result of a few skype calls between Andy and I and a series of email exchanges between us, Peter and Susan. When the event comes together, starting Sunday evening with a social gathering, and finally on Monday morning when the formal gathering kicks off, then intention, collaboration, trust and willingness to get it done will be the underpinnings of the meeting.

“Intention, collaboration, trust and willingness to get it done” speak volumes regarding how JC Bradley approached science. He was a get-it-done type of guy. The speakers that will gather next week, listed here, operate in the same way in my mind. They are driven, passionate and getting it done. We thank every one of them for taking their time to come and celebrate JC.

The gathering will honor his work and enormous contributions to open science. He was ahead of his time. With this gathering of people, and the support of the attendees, we hope that we will be able to discuss how to drive forward what he had put so much effort into…OPEN NOTEBOOK SCIENCE. Peter Murray-Rust has already outlined his thoughts and will expand at the gathering. What we will need to do is consider how to turn discussions into actions and deliverables to get it done. The symposium will be a start…the “networking events” (call them pub gatherings) will continue the discussions and what we do afterwards makes it work. Hope to see you in Cambridge!!!

For those of you who CANNOT attend on Monday of next week….you can still contribute…

If you have any photos of JC please send them through to me at tony27587ATgmailDOTcom for a photo loop

If you want to send a dedication to JC send a few words that I will show on a dedication loop sometime during the meeting.






European Memorial Symposium on July 14th to Honor Jean-Claude Bradley

Many of us are still recovering from the tragic loss of Jean-Claude Bradley from the world. There have been a number of additional blog posts regarding JC… and I might have missed some (1,2,3,4)….and these express our shock and appreciation for who JC was as a man, a collaborator, an innovator and agent of change.

There will be a memorial symposium for JC at Drexel University on September 8th but Andy and I, selfishly I admit, wanted to take advantage of the the fact that we will both be in the UK during the week of July 14th, to try and pull together a symposium in Europe to celebrate JC’s contributions to Open Science.

Thanks to the kindness of Bobby Glen, outstanding advocate of Open Science, we have a venue for the symposium at Cambridge University. When Peter Murray-Rust heard that we were intending to host a symposium at Cambridge University he willingly jumped into the fray at short notice to help us co-host the gathering.

We admit that things are moving very quickly at present because of the short time until the meeting but we believe that the Open Science field, in particular, is fast-moving, flexible and more than willing to assemble to honor JC and discuss Open Science. The day-long meeting is on Monday July 14th and registration has just opened up so please do sign up to attend. A symposium page has been set up here by Andy on the InMemoriamJCB wiki and this will be updated regularly as we get the list of speakers squared away.

If you are interested in contributing a talk please contact me offline at tony27587ATgmailDOTcom. We are presently assembling titles and abstracts and will start listing them shortly. We are working on this in our off hours (early mornings and evenings) so please bear with us through the crunch of bringing this gathering together.

What is most critical at present is for us to get an estimate of numbers of attendees. There are two rooms available to us at the university and we need to firm up quite quickly an estimate of the numbers of attendees so we can choose which room to lock down for the meeting. With this in mind registration (and with a firm commitment to attend please) is encouraged early. Once again…sign up here.


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