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Open Science for Identifying “Known Unknown” Chemicals   Leave a comment

I am happy to announce the publishing of an article regarding “Open Science for Identifying “Known Unknown” Chemicals” at I have been involved with two other articles about the identification of “Known Unknowns”. The first one was a ChemSpider article: “”Identification of “known unknowns” utilizing accurate mass data and ChemSpider”. Journal of The American […]

Why Have I Pushed so Much Traffic To Twitter This Weekend? GAMING or SAVVY?   Leave a comment

Next Tuesday, November 29th, I am leading a two hour workshop as described here: “The NC-ACS together with RTI International is excited to provide dinner and a workshop titled “Building an Online Profile Using Social Networking and Amplification Tools for Scientists”! DATE AND TIME: Tue, November 29, 2016, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST LOCATION: The Frontier, 800 Park […]

Our dire need to mandate data standards and expectations for scientific publishing   Leave a comment

This is a presentation that I delivered at the ACS Division of Chemical Information meeting regarding “Reproducibility, Reporting, Sharing & Plagiarism” at ACS Denver on 23rd March 2015. I took the opportunity to remove my hat that has me be the VP of Strategic Development at RSC, and a member of the cheminformatics group that […]

Pacifichem: The Increasing Influence of Openness in the Domain of Chemistry (#325)   Leave a comment

Pacifichem 2015 will see me co-hosting two sessions at the meeting. The first one is described here, “The Evolving Nature of Scholarly Communication: Connecting Scholars with Each Other and with Society“, and the second one is “The Increasing Influence of Openness in the Domain of Chemistry“. The call for abstracts is open for BOTH sessions […]

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A presentation at Research Square: The Benefits of Participation in the Social Web of Science   Leave a comment

Yesterday I had the privilege of giving a presentation at Research Square in Durham. In terms of an audience, and an environment to present, it was certainly an ideal environment and very recipient audience….but how could it not be with their mission being to provide “research communication without roadblocks”. As the MC for the day […]

A chemistry data repository to serve them all   Leave a comment

A presentation that I am giving around UK universities in September/October 2014 A chemistry data repository to serve them all Over the past five years the Royal Society of Chemistry has become world renowned for its public domain compound database that integrates chemical structures with online resources and available data. ChemSpider regularly serves over 50,000 […]

The future of scientific information & communication presented at the SUNY Potsdam Academic Festival   1 comment

This is a LONG presentation….I talk about the “It’s All About Me” attitude that can positively feed science….we want to share OUR science, we want people to know about our opinions, our activities, our collaborators, we want to get funding, recognition and attribution. And why not…it can all be to the benefit of science. This […]

Why Open Drug Discovery Needs Four Simple Rules for Licensing Data and Models   1 comment

There are a number of people in my domain that I have great appreciation for and that I enjoy working with. So, an opportunity to co-author on rules for licensing data with Sean Ekins and John Wilbanks was an opportunity too good to miss. There are a lot of opinions, rants and views on data […]

Open Notebook Science and One Future for Scientific Research   Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I was invited to give a presentation to the Board of Directors at Burroughs Wellcome. I was very interested in taking this opportunity to discuss my views on Open Science, Open Notebook Science, Open Data etc with this group of very esteemed scientists. However, it turned out it clashed with a […]

A Response to Raw Data in Organic Chemistry Papers and Open Science   2 comments

@mattoddchem has posted “Raw Data in Organic Chemistry Papers/Open Science” regarding his wanting to  “share data in my field I have to think about how to best share those data”. I recommend you read his whole post before continuing. Mat has made a number of comments (my annotations added as AJW>) What are the downsides of […]

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