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Social Media Tools for Scientists and Building an Online Profile   Leave a comment

This presentation will be given at the Janelia Farm Research Campus, a research campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The presentation abstract is below. ABSTRACT Despite the availability of many platforms for scientists to connect and share with their peers in the scientific community the majority do not make use of these tools, despite […]

Providing support for JC Bradleys vision of open science using RSC cheminformatics platforms   Leave a comment

This presentation was given at the JC Bradley Memorial Symposium on 14th July 2014 Jean-Claude Bradley had an incredible passion for providing open science tools and data to the community. He had boundless energy, no shortage of ideas and ran so many projects in parallel that it was often difficult to keep up. But at […]

A Photo Loop of Jean-Claude Bradley for the Bradley Symposium   Leave a comment

On 14th July 2014 a memorial symposium to celebrate the life and work of Professor Jean-Claude Bradley, the father of Open Notebook Science, used this photo loop to connect us to some of his activities and give us a glimpse into his personal life.  

In Memory of Jean-Claude Bradley   15 comments

My friend Jean-Claude Bradley was a dreamer. To lose him is a nightmare, a tragedy …. When I received the sad news that JC had passed I went into the sad, dark place that losing family and friends sends me. And I went there fast. As we age we all need to face the challenge […]

Richard D. Cramer selected as 2013 Herman Skolnik Award recipient   Leave a comment

Richard D. Cramer selected as 2013 Herman Skolnik Award recipient Dr. Richard D. (Dick) Cramer will be the recipient of the 2013 Herman Skolnik Award presented by the ACS Division of Chemical Information. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to and achievements in the theory and practice of chemical information science and related disciplines. The prize […]

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Lee Dirks was an all around great guy…   2 comments

I just read the sad news about Lee Dirks on Twitter and read Savas’ blogpost. Lee and his wife Judy were killed in an accident in Peru. It’s a sad day. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and colleagues. Lee was a great guy. The last time I saw Lee he and I […]

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Social networking tools as public representations of a scientist   Leave a comment

This is one of my presentations at the ACS meeting today in San Diego regarding how to use social networking tools to expose yourself as a scientist Social networking tools as public representations of a scientist The web has revolutionized the manner by which we can represent ourselves online by providing us the ability to […]

Why are pornstars more notable than scientists on Wikipedia?   57 comments

I’m a BIG Wikipedia fan. It is one of my favorite sites, our 9 year old twins have spent many hours on the site with me, and¬†I have personally spent a lot of time, including Christmas, curating chemistry on Wikipedia. I like what Wikipedia has achieved, have willingly contributed articles, but also enjoy a good […]

Google’s Brilliance Shows Again with Google Scholar Citations   8 comments

My colleague David Sharpe pointed me to an interesting blog today concerning Google Scholar Citations. I’d always imagined it would come but didn’t know when. So what a happy lunchtime it was when I sat down to read the blog and register for a citations account here. When I registered on Microsoft Academic Search I […]

How are NMR Prediction Algorithms and AFM Related?   1 comment

There’s a really nice News piece over on Nature News regarding “Feeling the Shapes of Molecules“. The work reports on how Atomic Force Microscopy is being used to deduce chemical structure directly, one molecule at a time. It is, quite simply, stunning. This work is an extension of the original work reported on pentacene that […]

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