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Navigating scientific resources using wiki based resources

Presentation given at ACS New Orleans Spring Meeting

There is an overwhelming number of new resources for chemistry that would likely benefit both librarians and students in terms of improving access to data and information. While commercial solutions provided by an institution may be the primary resources there is now an enormous range of online tools, databases, resources, apps for mobile devices and, increasingly, wikis. This presentation will provide an overview of how wiki-based resources for scientists are developing and will introduce a number of developing wikis. These include wikis that are being used to teach chemistry to students as well as to source information about scientists, scientific databases and mobile apps.


Serving up and consuming community content for chemists using wikis #ACSPhilly

Unfortunately I had to leave the ACS Meeting in Philadelphia but my colleague David Sharpe will be giving this presentation for me. I have made available a copy of the presentation on Slideshare here but also uploaded a narrated version onto YouTube.

“Wikipedia has become the world’s most famous encyclopedia using as it’s platform the MediaWiki open source software. The software is supported not only by the MediaWiki foundation but by a community of developers who build widgets and add-ons to extend the capabilities. This presentation will review how MediaWiki has been used as a container for a number of resources of value to chemists, specifically SciMobileApps, SciDBs and ScientistsDB holding content regarding mobile scientific apps, scientific databases and scientists. We will also review how chemistry content within Wikipedia has been used to enhance the content underlying the RSC ChemSpider database and how the platform supports an educational environment for chemistry students.


SciDBs Welcome the Scientific Databases Wiki

I spend a lot of my night time hours browsing the internet looking for new chemistry resources that may be of value to the community. During my travels across the web I continue to stumble across new resources that I have never heard of before. Some of these databases focus on minerals, on drugs (pharmaceuticals and street varieties), on polymers or organometallics, crystal structures or ligands and targets. The number and diversity of databases out there on the internet touching just chemistry is incredibly large. I judge there are many tens of databases potentially of interest to chemistry (hundreds if we include “SDF files” from chemical vendors). It would not be possible to support all of these resources in ChemSpiderwhich has, presently, a limitation of supporting small organic molecules that can be represented by an InChI. ChemSpider has assumed the role of  being the central hub for linking chemistry on the internet but when chemistry database resources cannot be indexed into the system there is still a value to the community, I believe, to provide a central resource for chemists to source information. This could be expanded to include other types of Scientific Databases including Biology, Physics etc. Welcome SciDBs….a wiki for Scientific Databases.

The SciDBs Wiki

There are already three databases represented on the Wiki: Zinc, ChemSpider and DrugBank. We are hoping that the hosts of the databases, BOTH commercial and freely available, will add their own databases online. Else, with time, we will do it….

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