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Presentation at the BAGIM Meeting in Boston   Leave a comment

Tonight I gave a presentation at the BAGIM meeting in Boston. The abstract is below together with the embedded presentation from Slideshare ChemSpider – Is This The Future of Linked Chemistry on the Internet? ChemSpider was developed with the intention of aggregating and indexing available sources of chemical structures and their associated information into a […]

A Family Emergency, The UK National Health Service and a Call to President Obama   Leave a comment

Those who frequent the ChemConnector or ChemSpider blogs, or have these plugged into your Readers will have noticed a sudden silence from me in the New year. It was one of those “phone calls you never want” calls. My mother was rushed into hospital with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. That is NOT a bleeding spider deep […]

Taking a Break From Wikipedia Curation   Leave a comment

I blogged previously about curating Wikipedia chemistry pages…specifically a focus on chemical structures and the quality of systematic names, trade names, structure images and outlinks to other site. This project has moved quite well….a LOT of eyeballing into the early hours. I am taking a break to catch up with some other work for the […]

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Dedicating Christmas Time to the Cause of Curating Wikipedia   5 comments

I’ll confess that despite the lure of Christmas candy, repeats of oldie-but-goodie movies and the urge to go hack down a Xmas tree I found it difficult to stay away from my computer over the holidays. While I stayed silent in the blogosphere I probably spent more nighttime hours with my laptop than I have […]

Posted January 9, 2008 by admin in Wikipedia Chemistry

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