RTP Cheminformatics Group

Welcome to the Research Triangle Park Cheminformatics Group webpage. This is very much a page in development. Ever since I made the suggestion that the Research Triangle area might enjoy a venue for meeting to discuss cheminformatics and data analysis approaches I have been pleased with the response suggesting that there is indeed interest.

The intention is to have the first meeting in May. I have not yet lined up the location for the meeting but the hope is to have it in the triangle in between Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh if possible. Suggested times and dates are on the Doodle Poll here. Please add your name and availability/preferred time to the doodle poll so that I can continue with the arrangements. Also, in order for me to contact you please add your name and contact details to the Google Doc here.

I am hoping that the meeting can offer the opportunity for 2-3 seperate talks and if you have an interest in presenting at the first meeting please send me an email to tony27587ATgmailDOTcom.


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