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Lab on a Chip Article features in the Top Ten AGAIN

Articles can take a long time to write. I still try to keep my publishing record up and collaborate with some terrific scientists on an ongoing basis: Sean Ekins, Kirill Blinov, Gary Martin and Mikhail Elyashberg especially.

It’s always nice to get the recognition from the readers! RSC sends out emails like this when you are listed in the Top 10. We are in the Top 10 again this month for our Lab on a Chip article. Nice!

Dear Dr Williams,

Precompetitive preclinical ADME/Tox data: set it free on the web to facilitate computational model building and assist drug development

We are delighted to tell you that your article has been highly accessed again this month. It features in the list of top ten most accessed Lab on a Chip articles on the web. You can browse the full list of top 10 articles here.

Many thanks for choosing to publish this work in Lab on a Chip.
We look forward to receiving your next submission soon.

With best wishes
Harp Minhas
Editor, Lab on a Chip

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