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The confusing world of Altmetrics – A personal opinion, with confusing data   2 comments

I am a fan of Altmetrics. At least in concept. But I starting to get very concerned with both the tools used to measure them and what the “numbers” are expected to indicate. We would expect that a high “number” in an “donut” would be indicative, in some way, of the relative importance or […]

Posted February 15, 2016 by tony in AltMetrics, Kudos, ORCID

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The future of scientific information & communication presented at the SUNY Potsdam Academic Festival   1 comment

This is a LONG presentation….I talk about the “It’s All About Me” attitude that can positively feed science….we want to share OUR science, we want people to know about our opinions, our activities, our collaborators, we want to get funding, recognition and attribution. And why not…it can all be to the benefit of science. This […]

Honored to be a Recipient of the Jim Gray eScience Award from Microsoft Research   3 comments

Last night in Chicago I was awarded the Jim Gray eScience Award. I didn’t know Jim personally but I know I benefit from the fruits of his work. Before Tony Hey gave me the award he played a video about the previous award winners. To be recognized for my contributions and to join scientists of the caliber […]

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