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Our article Structure Revision of Asperjinone Using Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation Methods

Our article “Structure Revision of Asperjinone Using Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation Methods”, is now available on the Journal of Natural Products website here.


This was a long time coming…almost a year in the review process and iterations. I continue to see the reports from many publishers about how fast articles are published but my experience in 2012 is that it is many months past the published averages! The primary hurdles appear to be the speediness of reviewers and the willingness of editors to pursue them! When I ask for updates the general response is “We will contact the reviewers…”

The URL can be used for us to distribute 50 e-prints of the article so please feel free to grab one. Details below…

“As part of the ACS Articles on Request e-prints service, ACS authors may choose to e-mail or post this link on their website to distribute up to 50 free e-prints of their final published articles to interested colleagues during the first 12 months of publication. After that 12-month period, any author’s article may be accessed without restriction via the same author-directed link that appears above. The link seamlessly directs subscribers to the full text version of the article on the ACS Publications website.”


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