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Why I do not trust web statistics

Any of us that host websites like to use stats. We like to review our traffic, our hits, some of us follow our Alexa ranking or our Compete ranking. I have blogged previously about Alexa applied to ChemSpider and Compete applied to ChemSpider. The Alexa rankings and Compete rankings are available for the site online. These are PUBLIC rankings and the value of public rankings such as this is the relative ranking that you can observe…according to Compete ChemSpider unique users is about 1/2 that of PubChem and 9 times that of eMolecules.

Whether this is true or not is a whole different question. Why? Because I simply don’t believe most public stats on websites like this. For accurate measures of traffic I would choose internal Google Analytics code over any of the public website measures.

Here’s an example of how stats get distorted. I’d like to celebrate the result I am about to report but I DOUBT it’s true! Yesterday I gave a talk to a group of students and faculty at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. The presentation is below.


Based on feedback from my host, Bob Belford, the presentation was well received. I enjoyed giving the presentation and used the BigBlueButton system to do it, using with skype for audio, and then sharing my desktop from Skype for a live demo of ChemSpider. However, I doubt it’s my best ever presentation! Within 5 hours I had received an email from Slideshare that it was being talked about on LinkedIn and was one of the top talked about presentations and they had put it on the home page of Slideshare! Overnight it had registered >10,000 views.

My Slideshare presentation on the Slideshare Home Page

Now, I wish that 10,000 people had looked at the presentation! That’s what it says now! But I believe the stats are likely biased and people have looked at the Slideshare home page 10,000 times while it was shown in the “Hot on LinkedIn” page. I may be wrong…maybe it is that popular! And if so thanks for reading.



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