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Open Drug Discovery Presentation Session with JC Bradley   1 comment

I had the pleasure of co-presenting with my friend Jean-Claude Bradley today at the “3rd Annual Drug Discovery Partnership: Filling the Pipeline“. Jean-Claude gave a great talk, available on Slideshare here, and discussed the issue of data quality, how improve data gives improved models, the cross-validation of data and proliferation of errors. My talk is […]

Presentation at European Bioinformatics Institute   Leave a comment

Last week was quite the trip to the United Kingdom…hit by the flu that put me into bed without a voice for an entire day and then gave the rescheduled talk the next day feeling a little beaten up. The talk discussed the recently conducted survey of public domain databases that I initiated last week […]

Continuing Conflicts in the Messy World of Internet Chemistry   1 comment

I have been looking at the state of curated data on the internet and blogged last night about the messy world of curated data. I should emphasize…none of these commentaries are meant to be harsh. Believe me, I’ve gone through the process of validating data and it’s difficult. There will be mistakes but what we […]

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