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Staying Informed About my Citations Using Google Scholar Citations   Leave a comment

I think the Google Scholar Citations resource is excellent. I was one of the fortunate ones that managed to get onto the system early and I signed on immediately and used it to aggregate my papers very easily and quickly as represented here. One of my favorite aspects of the system is how it keeps […]

Why are pornstars more notable than scientists on Wikipedia?   57 comments

I’m a BIG Wikipedia fan. It is one of my favorite sites, our 9 year old twins have spent many hours on the site with me, and I have personally spent a lot of time, including Christmas, curating chemistry on Wikipedia. I like what Wikipedia has achieved, have willingly contributed articles, but also enjoy a good […]

Mobile Chemistry and Generation App   Leave a comment

A presentation given today at the ICIC Meeting in Barcelona #icic2011 While the internet has been revolutionizing our access to data and information via our computers, computers have been miniaturizing to the point where a smart phone offers capabilities that many desktops could not deliver less than a decade ago. Mobile browser technology and app-based […]

Updated Presentation on Mobile Chemistry Apps and the SciMobileApps Wiki   Leave a comment

I am presently in Barcelona at the ICIC meeting to give a presentation entitled “Mobile Chemistry and “Generation App”.   I have been preparing by looking at what is new in the world of Chemistry Apps and in the process have updated my ongoing list of apps and updated it on SlideShare. I intend to keep […]

Navigating an Internet of Chemistry via ChemSpider   Leave a comment

The internet is a rich source of chemistry related data and, nowadays, if a chemist knows how to initiate a search, data can be sourced for millions of chemicals online. The nature of online data varies from simple molecule diagrams, to experimental and predicted properties, encyclopedic articles, synthetic routes, analytical data, patents and publications. The […]

Structure representations in public chemistry databases: The challenges of validating the chemical structures for 200 top-selling drugs   Leave a comment

My final presentation at ACS Denver yesterday I think was the clearest presentation I gave all week. As with most presentations I gave last week I was up at 4am to finish it off based on conversations I had been having during the week. A lot of people came to the booth after the presentation […]

Presentation at the 5th Meeting on U.S. Government Chemical Databases and Open Chemistry   Leave a comment

Yesterday I gave a talk at the 5th Meeting on U.S. Government Chemical Databases and Open Chemistry hosted by Mark Nicklaus. It was a great meeting. A lot of like minded people and some great work going on to provide access to chemical databases. I’ll blog more when I get back from the ACS Denver meeting […]

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Ongoing Comparisons between Microsoft Academic Search and Google Scholar Citations   1 comment

I have been blogging on Google Scholar Citations in recent days and noticing some interesting details (1,2,3). I have been in exchanges with the Microsoft Academic Search support team on Twitter trying to collapse multiple accounts. They are helping. I have since continued my comparison to look for differences in the two platforms. There are […]

Accurate Mass Measurements: Identifying “Known Unknowns” using ChemSpider   Leave a comment

Over the past few weeks the ChemSpider team has been working hard with James Little from the Eastman Chemical Company. We have been adding new capabilities to support Mass Spectrometry searches. I will detail these capabilities in a later blog post but for now I am pointing to the POSTER that Jim presented at ASMS. […]

How Dominant is Pubmed for Chemistry   Leave a comment

Recently I moved this blog to WordPress hosting and started using a new Theme. This is work in progress. Many of the original image associations still need to be remade as the blog went from to simply With the new theme I decided to start managing my CV, presentations and publications online too. I’ve […]

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