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Chemical Information Mining Book – A Moment of Pride

As I recall last Christmas I was finishing up a chapter in a book that is now on the market and called Chemical Information Mining. What’s amazing is that I just found that the first 21 pages are ALREADY on Google Books. I could’ve seen the cover there before waiting to receive a copy…hell I could’ve read UP to my Chapter…that’s where it stops.

The product description on Amazon is: “This book focuses on information extraction issues, highlights available solutions, and underscores the value of these solutions to academic and commercial scientists. After introducing the drivers behind chemical text mining, it discusses chemical semantics. The contributors describe the tools that identify and convert chemical names and images to structure-searchable information. They also explain natural language processing, name entity recognition concepts, and semantic web technologies. Following a section on current trends in the field, the book looks at where information mining approaches fit into the research needs within the life sciences.”

I’m rather proud of the contribution Andrey Yerin and I made to the book. I worked with Andrey while I was at ACD/Labs and learned all about nomenclature from him. He’s one of the nicest, most competent and focused specialists in the domain of systematic nomenclature in the world. The book chapter contents are listed below. Makes for good Xmas reading if you care about that type of thing…

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