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Step by Step to the Synthesis of Olympicene

Olympicene, as introduced in this blog post last year, resembles a certain logo associated with the worlds biggest sporting event. Is it recognizable? I’d say so!

The chemical structure of Olympicene

Last year one of the editorial board for ChemSpider SyntheticPages (CSSP), Professor Peter Scott from the University of Warwick, started a discussion with colleagues at the university regarding how to synthesise the compound. The intention was to publish all steps in the synthesis to the CSSP platform. With “the Games” just around the corner, how has the little marathon synthesis progressed so far? How close is the group to completing their work? If you check out the steps on CSSP, one by one, you will see the progress…all syntheses are reported by Anish Mistry from the Fox Group at Warwick University.


Step 1 of the Synthesis of Olympicene on ChemSpider SyntheticPages

Step 2: Hydrogenation of Ethyl 3-(1-pyrenyl)acrylate

Step 3: Hydrolysis of Ethyl 3-(1-pyrenyl)propanoate

Step 4: Chlorination of a carboxylic acid

Step 5: Friedel Crafts cylisation of 3-(1-Pyrenyl)propanoyl chloride


Step 6 of the Synthesis of Olympicene on ChemSPider SyntheticPages

If you check out Step 6 you will see just how close the group is to completing the synthesis. Then it will be on to the analytical work. We are looking forward to hosting the results of the analytical work on the ChemSpider page. Watch this space!



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