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Mobile Chemistry and Generation App

A presentation given today at the ICIC Meeting in Barcelona #icic2011

While the internet has been revolutionizing our access to data and information via our computers, computers have been miniaturizing to the point where a smart phone offers capabilities that many desktops could not deliver less than a decade ago. Mobile browser technology and app-based delivery for software has now delivered into our hands further access to data via phones, pads and tablets. Whether it be in the form of chemical calculators, accessing publishers websites or public domain databases containing millions of chemical structures, mobile chemistry is here and is expanding in capability and coverage at a dramatic rate. This presentation will review the status of mobile devices and how they are being used to enable chemists.




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Chemistry in the hand: The delivery of structure databases and spectroscopy gaming on mobile devices

This is the presentation I gave at ACS Denver on Mobile Devices and Chemistry.


Chemistry in the hand: The delivery of structure databases and spectroscopy gaming on mobile devices

The proliferation of mobile devices in the form of smartphones and tablet devices has put into our hands computational power and capability previously limited to desktop until recently. Couple this with the connectivity of these devices to the internet and the trend of increased capability and accessibility in smaller devices continues. This presentation will provide an overview of our efforts to provide access on mobile devices to a large chemistry database, ChemSpider, containing over 25 million unique chemical compounds and associated data including patents, publications, properties and analytical data. We will also discuss how, by providing programming interfaces and Open Data, it has been possible to produce a Spectral Game ( for scientists and students to practice their spectral interpretation skills. We will discuss some of the technology hurdles associated with delivering such capabilities to the various mobile platforms and how modern technologies can significantly enhance the user experience.



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