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Presentation at William Paterson University. AltMetrics, ORCID and Young Scientists   1 comment

Today I was hosted by Prof David Snyder at William Paterson University in New Jersey where I gave a presentation with the title and abstract below. I had a wonderful day meeting with various members of the faculty and discussing the opportunities for AltMetrics and the need for young scientists to consider their public profile […]

The Story of Olympicene from Concept to Completion   8 comments

The story of Olympicene, and our intention to try and get it synthesized and analyzed, was first reported in August 2011 here. The original conversation was between Prof Graham Richards and I over a drink in Belgium at the RSC Editors Symposium in March 2010. The concept of having someone synthesize a small organic molecule […]

Step by Step to the Synthesis of Olympicene   3 comments

Olympicene, as introduced in this blog post last year, resembles a certain logo associated with the worlds biggest sporting event. Is it recognizable? I’d say so! Last year one of the editorial board for ChemSpider SyntheticPages (CSSP), Professor Peter Scott from the University of Warwick, started a discussion with colleagues at the university regarding how to synthesise the […]

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