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$20 to join the ACS Division of Chemical Information

If you are reading this blog then I would assume that one of the reasons you follow my ChemConnector blog is because you have an interest in chemical information and cheminformatics. If so then I would assume that you are a member of the ACS Division of Chemical Information (CINF). If not, then why not? If you think you cannot afford it bear with me…you CAN.

First of all, what is CINF? The ACS Division of Chemical Information (CINF) is committed to promoting the generation of, access to, and use of the world’s knowledgebase in chemistry and the related sciences.  The Division fosters the sharing of expertise in science informatics, information technology, and librarianship to ensure members benefit from the experience of others and are able to improve the dissemination and utilization of scientific information. We do this through innovative, high quality programming, education, career mentoring, collaboration and outreach, and recognition of excellence.

How does this show up? It shows up as excellent programming at ACS meetings and if you have attended our symposia at Spring or Fall meetings you will know this is true. It shows up in the form of our stellar social events at the ACS meetings and I am sure many of you that have attended will give a big thumbs up to the quality of our gatherings! We have awards for best posters, the Skolnik award and many others. We offer an excellent bulletin for the community to make people aware of activities in our division as well as general information of interest.

I joined CINF a number of years ago and have never regretted it. I have attended SO MANY good sessions and enjoyed so many conversations within the network that I believe that joining was one of the best single career decisions I have made.

If you have an interest in Chemical Information I encourage  you to join our Division! Now, you can go into the “Can’t afford it.” or “I am not an ACS member” mode but please, reconsider…. look at the options available to you! From THREE DOLLARS for Students to $20 for affiliate members. Please do sign up and support our Division.





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