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Social Networking Tools for Scientists or How to Brand Yourself Online as a Digital Citizen   1 comment

There are many social networking tools for scientists that can be used to share information, engage the social network and move information about activities across the web. This presentation provides an overview of some of the tools available and how they can be used by scientists to expose their activities, manage their profile publicly and […]

Ongoing Comparisons between Microsoft Academic Search and Google Scholar Citations   1 comment

I have been blogging on Google Scholar Citations in recent days and noticing some interesting details (1,2,3). I have been in exchanges with the Microsoft Academic Search support team on Twitter trying to collapse multiple accounts. They are helping. I have since continued my comparison to look for differences in the two platforms. There are […]

Google’s Brilliance Shows Again with Google Scholar Citations   8 comments

My colleague David Sharpe pointed me to an interesting blog today concerning Google Scholar Citations. I’d always imagined it would come but didn’t know when. So what a happy lunchtime it was when I sat down to read the blog and register for a citations account here. When I registered on Microsoft Academic Search I […]

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