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The future of scientific information & communication presented at the SUNY Potsdam Academic Festival   1 comment

This is a LONG presentation….I talk about the “It’s All About Me” attitude that can positively feed science….we want to share OUR science, we want people to know about our opinions, our activities, our collaborators, we want to get funding, recognition and attribution. And why not…it can all be to the benefit of science. This […]

Why Open Drug Discovery Needs Four Simple Rules for Licensing Data and Models   1 comment

There are a number of people in my domain that I have great appreciation for and that I enjoy working with. So, an opportunity to co-author on rules for licensing data with Sean Ekins and John Wilbanks was an opportunity too good to miss. There are a lot of opinions, rants and views on data […]

Navigating an Internet of Chemistry via ChemSpider   Leave a comment

The internet is a rich source of chemistry related data and, nowadays, if a chemist knows how to initiate a search, data can be sourced for millions of chemicals online. The nature of online data varies from simple molecule diagrams, to experimental and predicted properties, encyclopedic articles, synthetic routes, analytical data, patents and publications. The […]

ChemSpider – Does Community Engagement work to Build a Quality Online Resource for Chemists?   Leave a comment

This is my presentation at the Skolnik Symposium at ACS Denver to honor the contributions of Alexander “Sandy” Lawson to our domain of Cheminformatics. ChemSpider – Does Community Engagement work to Build a Quality Online Resource for Chemists? With an intention to provide a high quality free internet resource of chemistry related data for the […]

Presentation at FACCS2010 in Raleigh   Leave a comment

Today I gave a presentation at FACCS 2010 here in Raleigh, NC. The abstract and embedded SlideShare presentation are listed below. Building a Community Resource of Open Spectral Data ChemSpider is an online database of almost 25 million chemical compounds sourced from over 300 different sources including government laboratories, chemical vendors, public resources and publications. […]

Copy of Beautiful Data Chapter Now Available Online   Leave a comment

I’ve previously blogged about the book chapter I co-authored for a book about Beautiful Data. The book chapter is now available online at Scribd after being uploaded by Jean-Claude Bradley. Feel free to go take a gander.

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A Conversation with Peter Suber – Navigating the Complexities of Open Access Definitions   3 comments

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with Peter Suber. If you have not heard the name then his website speaks volumes in regards to his interests and involvement in Open Access. The opening line on is website kind of says it all: “I am an independent policy strategist for open access to scientific and […]

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Who Gets to Choose Whether Data is Open or Not?   Leave a comment

For those of you who have been watching the blog of late you will be aware of the recent discussions about Open Data (1,2). We have offered the possibility to submitters of spectral data to declare their data either Open or Closed. Noel posted a comment on the blog asking the question “Why is the […]

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