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Pacifichem: The Increasing Influence of Openness in the Domain of Chemistry (#325)

Pacifichem 2015 will see me co-hosting two sessions at the meeting. The first one is described here,The Evolving Nature of Scholarly Communication: Connecting Scholars with Each Other and with Society“, and the second one is “The Increasing Influence of Openness in the Domain of Chemistry“.

The call for abstracts is open for BOTH sessions now until April 3rd. I believe that the majority of readers of this blog almost certainly would be interested in attending these sessions and hopefully contributing to them so please submit your abstracts soon before the deadline expires!

Outline of the Session:

Chemists are being impacted by openness every day. Open Access publishing is being encouraged by various funding agencies that support our work, we are using open source code on a daily basis, whether we know it or not, and we are increasingly accessing open data via Internet searches. The proliferation of open science is providing access to an increasing number of free and re-usable data sources for chemistry. Crowdsourcing platforms allow chemists to contribute data, annotations and assertions, including chemical compounds, reaction schema, and analytical data. Collectively these data are facilitating education, enhancing discoverability and underpinning decision making in the laboratory. Through this symposium we aim to bring together participants serving up resources for the community and engage the audience in reviewing the success, opportunities and future of open science in its various forms. The future development of science will be increasingly impacted by the open contributions and innovation and chemistry in particular is one of the scientific domains presently gaining momentum