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The International Star Registry want MORE money from me!

Yesterday I commented on “The International Star Registry while doing a nice thing for my family??“. For how corrupt things seem to be see this article on the Discover Magazine blog by @badastronomer. To quote him

“the International Star Registry, was issued a violation by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs for using deceptive practices”.

This was capped off by an email today offering me a chance to get Volume 9 of a book submitted to  the Copyright office. See below. Not only can they create “black holes” from “white dwarfs”…i.e. black spots on a page from white paper…but they create new spellings too! Sweet. Good go buy a planet from them next….



PS…my 10 year old son Tyler wishes to point out that this all started when he noticed that his mom’s star wasn’t on his map! And neither was his brothers or his Dad’s. And he was pretty upset about it!

Tyler and his doubtful look



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