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Of Course Scientists Have Good Imaginations and Especially at Halloween

Once upon a time I was told by a young lady I was dating that because I was a scientist I was too objective and didn’t have an imagination. I happened to be writing a children’s book at the time and had a tendency to solve some of the big problems I had with analyzing data by “sleeping on it” and, occasionally, dreaming solutions to a problem. On one occasion when trying to understand the complex molecular motions of N-trioctylamine I actually had a very vivid dream and walked my way along the chains, woke up in the morning and wrote a computer program to model the overall and internal motions of the chain to model C13 NMR relaxation. The result…a new model for alkyl chain motions that has been published a number of times and remains a useful model today for everything from lubricant-related systems to lipid bilayers. So, yes scientists have imaginations…and we tap into them in different ways.

I am the father of two dynamo guys…eight year old twins. They love Halloween and it’s a great time to truly apply my imagination for fun times. Working with my friend and neighbor Tom Barbieri, fellow scientist (physicist) and fun-guy extraordinaire, we collaborated to set up a “Halloween Path” for the neighborhood. We got a group of guys involved and our wonderful neighbor Beth was the “witch-for-an-evening” . We scared the living daylights out of a group of kids that evening, had a good time in the process and established a new standard for Halloween fun for the neighborhood. To be repeated? Maybe.

The “by light of day video” shows first.

The “darkness of night video” follows….you don’t see much but it’s worth watching for what you DO see…and that scream….I moved out of the woods at speed!

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